Eureka by Makarena Fernandez 


Brand Universe 


Eureka is Magic. 

Makarena is a really powerful and connected witch who has devoted herself to helping others to achieve their full potential and to serve as a channel between us and higher energy.

We worked closely to create a brand universe that embodies and communicates everything that she does. Each element of her logo represents one of her talents.

If you want to get access to all of Eureka’s knowledge be sure to follow her on instagram and listen to all her powerful meditations on spotfy!

Makarena Fernandez


Giving life and purpose to your project

"Working with Alex has been one of the best decicions I've ever made. He was more into my design than me. He proyected everything that I wanted. Literally my design is me. He was more than on time, always with the best attitud, willing to do whatever was needed to achieve a better result. Hes a genius, I love the way he expresses, he makes art. Hes trully one of the best persons i know. I recomend you work with him more than anyone else. He surprised me on the way he gave me my design, with a presentation that shocked me, so elegant and well done with even more things that i expected. If you want good price, quality, best disign, on time, a responsable person that loves what he does, and takes your disign with responability, care, passion and love; Alex is your best option. He's always preparing himself, taking more curses to give you the best. I love his work, and im very glad i choose him, im i love with my design. From now on, hes the only person i trust to do this job."